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The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket: The Ultimate Tool for Big Emotions

After reading this article, you will:

  1. Gain insights into the unique aspects of The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket as an emotional regulation tool.

  2. Understand the concept of navigating emotions through a rocket journey and how it empowers children.

  3. Discover the importance of addressing a child's internal needs for effective emotional regulation.

  4. Learn how The Galaxy Guide promotes independence and self-regulation in managing emotions.

  5. Explore the benefits of utilising The Galaxy Guide for enhancing children's emotional well-being.

We appreciate your choice to explore The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket as an emotional regulation tool. We understand that you may be curious about what sets this resource apart from other well-known tools in the market. In this article, we will delve into the unique aspects of The Galaxy Guide and explain how it offers a distinctive approach to supporting children's emotional regulation. By highlighting the concept of navigating emotions through a rocket journey and addressing the child's internal needs, this resource aims to empower children to understand and manage their emotions with increased independence.

The Rocket Journey and Emotional Navigation

A fundamental concept that distinguishes The Galaxy Guide from other emotional regulation tools is its recognition of the range of emotions children experience in a single day. The resource acknowledges that it is natural for a child to go through various emotions, even within a short period. Through the imagery of a rocket, children are encouraged to understand and navigate their changing emotions. Each emotion corresponds to a different planet, representing the arousal level associated with that specific emotion. By learning to steer their rocket to different planets, children gain a sense of control over their emotions and develop skills to manage them effectively. The inclusion of the Star Controller visual concept further supports children in controlling their "emotional daily flight path," allowing for a gradual transition from co-regulation to self-regulation.

Addressing Internal Needs

The Galaxy Guide recognises that emotional regulation goes beyond just managing observable emotions. It emphasises the importance of meeting a child's internal needs, which can significantly influence their emotional well-being. Factors such as hunger, fatigue, illness, or the need for physical comfort often impact a child's emotional state. Unlike many other resources, The Galaxy Guide takes a holistic approach by addressing these internal needs explicitly. It prompts parents and caregivers to consider whether the child is hungry, tired, unwell, or in need of a bathroom break. Additionally, it encourages assessing the child's overall sense of safety, temperature comfort, and other essential factors that can impact their emotional regulation. By incorporating these considerations, The Galaxy Guide ensures that children's emotional well-being is supported comprehensively.

"I think it's an amazing resource! Especially because there are actual strategies to help. Most programs I have come across tell you about emotions but have stopped at that." – The Meschiati Family

Promoting Independence and Self-Regulation

One of the primary goals of The Galaxy Guide is to empower children to progress from co-regulation, where they rely on full adult support, to greater independence in self-regulation. By providing scaffolded support through the rocket journey and an activity tracker to track helpful strategies for the child, the resource equips children with the tools and skills necessary for managing their emotions autonomously. It encourages children to recognise and understand their emotions, make choices in navigating them, and take ownership of their emotional well-being. This approach fosters self-awareness, resilience, and independence in emotional regulation, allowing children to develop lifelong skills for managing their emotions effectively.

The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket

The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket stands out among other emotional regulation tools with its unique rocket journey concept, emphasis on internal needs, and focus on promoting independence and self-regulation. By utilising this resource, children gain a deeper understanding of their emotions and develop the skills needed to navigate them successfully, leading to enhanced emotional well-being. Check out our emotions pack The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket for an engaging story about emotions and 80+ ready-to-go strategies to help your child navigate big emotions.


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