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Meet the Team

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Tash O'Connor

Tash O'Connor is a fun-loving Senior Paediatric Occupational Therapist with a passion for helping children lead happy and healthy lives. Tash is particularly dedicated to supporting families in fostering their children's independence and helping them reach their full potential.

With a career in occupational therapy since graduating in 2012, Tash has gained experience working with children in Fiji and the UK. She cherishes her time volunteering for various kids camp programs that promote emotional well-being and independence.

In addition to her day job, where she supports children and families with a wide range of goals related to independence, skill development, and regulation, Tash wanted to provide support to an even broader range of families. This led to the creation of Ready Rocket Resources, offering valuable resources and strategies for parents and caregivers to use at home.

Tash believes in empowering parents and caregivers to help their children, providing functional strategies and advice that can be implemented while waiting for or without the need for a more specialised program.


Currently based at a private practice in Perth, Tash continues to make a positive impact in the lives of children and families.

Bella Martini is an enthusiastic Senior Paediatric Occupational Therapist with 10 years of experience specialising in supporting children with disabilities. She completed her Bachelor of Biomedical Science, majoring in anatomy and cellular biology, at the University of Western Australia, and went on to pursue a Masters of Occupational Therapy at Curtin University.

Recognising the need for a comprehensive and engaging framework that provides practical strategies for home use, Bella co-founded Ready Rocket Resources with Tash O'Connor. She understands the importance of considering various factors that contribute to a child's ability to regulate their emotions. In particular, Bella places high importance on supporting a child's sensory health when it comes to emotional regulation and has completed the USC Chan Sensory Integration Certificate from the University of Southern California.

Bella's experience extends beyond her work in Australia, as she has volunteered in multiple occupational therapy positions abroad. She has provided support to clients with disabilities in Bolivia, worked in a special education class in Peru, offered community-based occupational therapy clinic support in Guatemala, assisted with neurorehabilitation home support in Quebec, conducted developmental screens for children in Romania, and delivered mobile therapy services to children in Kenya. During her Master's studies, she also provided therapy outreach services to children in Vanuatu.

Bella lives in Perth with her young family. Currently, Bella also manages her own practice, Ready Set Grow Perth Kids Therapy, where she continues to support children with a range of therapy supports.

Bella Martini

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