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How to Guide Your Child's Emotional Journey: Exploring 'The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket'

After reading this article, you will:

  1. Discover the emotions pack, "The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket," designed to help children understand and regulate their emotions.

  2. Explore the exciting picture book that takes children on a thrilling journey through emotions and space.

  3. Learn about the Charging Challenges, a collection of over 100 fun and motivating activities that provide children with tools for emotional regulation.

  4. Understand the importance of meeting internal needs and how it impacts a child's emotional well-being.

  5. Find out how the Activity Tracker helps children track their progress and develop independence in managing their emotions.

Emotions play a significant role in our daily lives, and helping children navigate their emotions is crucial for their overall well-being. Ready Rocket Resources has developed a captivating and engaging emotions pack called "The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket." This pack includes a picture book, an activity book with regulation strategies, and an optional digital Activity Tracker. Let's explore what makes this resource so special and how it can support children in understanding and regulating their emotions.

Inside the Galaxy Guide

At the heart of the emotions pack is "The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket," a picture book that takes readers on a thrilling journey through emotions and space. Children will meet the Ready Regulators—Robbie, Remi, Ruby, and Richie— as they explore the galaxy and encounter the various emotions. By introducing a range of emotions through the planets—Planet Sigh, Planet Zing, Planet Fizz, and Planet Crash— children are encouraged to understand and normalise their feelings. This story emphasises the importance of feeling okay on the inside before safely navigating through emotions. This is why children are also introduced to Planet Zonk.

Emotions are not presented in a linear sequence, as children can travel from one planet to another based on their experiences. Often children move through fluctuating emotions quickly and the galaxy is designed to teach children about these fluctuations throughout their day. The book acknowledges that a child's internal needs, represented by Planet Zonk, are essential for emotional well-being. It emphasises the significance of meeting basic self-care needs before effectively expressing emotions and this is why Planet Zonk is the central planet that the other planets orbit around!

Packed with Ready-to-go Emotional Regulation Strategies The emotions pack also includes "The Charging Challenges," a book filled with over 100 fun and motivating activities. These Charging Challenges, also known as regulation strategies, provide children with tools to regulate their emotions effectively. Categorised into understanding emotions activities, breathing activities, whole-body activities, and cognitive activities, the challenges offer a range of strategies to support emotional development. Moving from Co-regulation to independence! To track progress and help children rate the effectiveness of the strategies, an Activity Tracker is at the end of Book One. This tool allows children to reflect on their experiences. By using the Activity Tracker, called "My Charging Station", children gain a deeper understanding of their emotions and develop independence in managing them. What do other parents, teachers and therapists think?

Parents have found the book to be an excellent conversation starter, encouraging their children to identify and discuss their emotions. The relatable characters and engaging challenges create a fun learning experience.

Therapists appreciate the resource's language and concept, finding it valuable for supporting emotional regulation in their sessions. The Charging Challenges offer practical ideas for movement breaks, breathing exercises, and other strategies that can be easily implemented at home.

Educators find the book and activities beneficial for both classroom use and family engagement. The resource offers real-life strategies for children to understand and regulate their emotions, fostering a positive learning environment. "The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket" is an invaluable resource for helping children explore and manage their emotions. With its engaging storyline and Charging Challenges, this emotions pack offers a comprehensive framework for emotional development. Whether used at home, in therapy sessions, or in the classroom, the Galaxy Guide empowers children to understand their feelings, build resilience, and navigate through the galaxy of emotions with confidence.

Our Online Emotions Workshop includes a walk through of the resource as well as a detailed neurodiverse-affirming and science-backed tips to support children during emotional dysregulation. This self-paced two-hour includes a detailed walk through of emotional regulation strategies and a plan to help you help your child.

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