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  • What is the recommended age range for this pack?
    The Galaxy Guide emotional regulation pack is designed for children aged 5 to 12 years, but it's versatile enough to be adapted for younger children too. This means that siblings can also join in on the fun and benefit from the activities and basic concepts included in the pack. It's a great opportunity for children of different ages to learn and grow together! 🌟🚀
  • What does The Galaxy Guide emotions pack include?
    The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket emotions pack includes: 📚 The Galaxy Guide: An action-packed story that introduces children to various emotions to unlock their emotional potential. 💡 The Charging Challenges: Engaging activities with 100+ science-backed & ready-to-go strategies. 🌈 Therapist top tips for supporting your child through big emotions. 💬 Helpful prompts throughout the story to stop and reflect with your child. 🤝 Parent support from our therapy team that guides you at the start of the book. ✅ An activity tracker at the end of Book One that promotes independence and allows your child to rate helpful strategies.
  • How is this resource different to other emotional regulation tools?
    Thank you for choosing The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket! We understand that you may have questions about what sets our emotions pack apart from other well-known tools. Here's what makes Ready Rocket Resources unique: 🚀 Rocket Imagery: Our pack uses the imagery of a rocket to help children navigate their changing emotions. As they encounter different situations throughout the day, they learn to control their rocket and travel to different planets that correspond to the arousal level of each emotion. This empowers children to understand and manage their emotions with a sense of control and agency. ⭐ Star Controller: Our pack includes a visual concept called the Star Controller, which helps children regulate their "emotional daily flight path." This tool enables children to have greater control over their emotions and develop the skills to move through different emotional states with supported independence. 🌟 Whole Child Approach: We recognise that a child's internal needs play a significant role in emotional regulation. Beyond observable emotions, we address important factors such as hunger, tiredness, physical comfort, and safety. By considering the whole child, our pack provides a comprehensive approach to emotional regulation that fosters a deeper understanding of internal needs. With The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket, we aim to support children in transitioning from co-regulation, where full adult support is needed, to greater independence in self-regulation. By addressing the unique needs of each child and providing scaffolded support, our pack facilitates growth and development in emotional regulation. 🌌🚀
  • What is included in Book One of The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket?
    In Book One, the guide focuses on energy, bridging the vast spectrum of emotions we experience and the varying levels of alertness tied to our bodily sensations. This resource helps children learn about the range of different emotions and the fluid nature in which we move through them, while emphasising that emotions make us human! The story takes inspiration from our instinctual fight-flight- freeze stress responses, translating these concepts into language that resonates with young minds. The guide also highlights the vital importance of addressing children's internal awareness and connection needs before expecting them to express their emotions safely. Book One also includes: 🤝 Parent support from our therapy team that guides you at the start of the book. 💬 Helpful prompts throughout the story to stop and reflect with your child. 🌈 Therapist top tips for supporting your child through big emotions. ✅ An activity tracker at the end of Book One that promotes independence and allows your child to rate helpful strategies.
  • When should I read the Galaxy Guide or talk about emotions with my child?
    🌈 Let's talk about finding the right moment to read The Galaxy Guide and talk about feelings! ✨ Sharing this book with your child during moments of calmness creates an optimal environment for exploration and learning. 🌈✨ We recommend reading this story alongside your child, allowing you to support your child by answering questions and providing further explanations for any challenging concepts they encounter. By reading the story aloud, you can relieve them of the cognitive demand of reading and enable them to fully engage in understanding the emotions portrayed. 🚀📖❤️ Wondering when to read The Galaxy Guide or chat with your little one about feelings? Here are some ideas: 1️⃣ When they’re happily playing, they’re feeling relaxed and open. This might be the perfect time to squeeze in a conversation about how they're feeling, including their toys! 2️⃣ Right after drawing or building, they might be feeling calm. Perfect for a cozy emotions chat. 3️⃣ After a sweet hug, they might be feeling secure and open to share with you. 4️⃣ While sharing stories, notice if they might be attentive and interested. You might even want to talk about the characters and their feelings in the story. 5️⃣ In those quiet moments before sleep, your child might be ready to reflect on the day that was.
  • How should I teach my child about emotions?
    Lead by Example: 🌟 Show your child how to handle emotions with kindness and patience. Let them see you expressing feelings in a healthy way. Create a Safe Space: 🏡 Build a warm and welcoming environment where your child feels comfortable sharing their emotions. Let them know it's okay to feel whatever they're feeling. Expand Their Emotional Vocabulary: 📚 Introduce your child to different feelings and emotions in a gentle and loving way. Help them understand that emotions are normal and it's okay to talk about them. Empathy is Key: ❤️‍🔥 Teach your child to understand and empathise with others' emotions. Encourage them to think about how others might be feeling and how they can help. Equip Them with Coping Skills: 🛠️ Guide your child in learning healthy ways to cope with big feelings. Flick through the emotional regulation strategies in Book 2 of The Galaxy Guide and practice these strategies together when they are calm. If you are looking for more detailed support to help you make a plan for you child, please register for our Online Emotions Workshop in the Ready Rocket Shop.
  • How many times should I read The Galaxy Guide to my child?
    Supporting your child's emotional well-being is an ongoing process, and our book is here to guide you every step of the way. We encourage you to read it with your child multiple times, to help your child consolidate emotions concepts over a period of time. Emotional Regulation is a journey. 📚🌈💪
  • My child gets very angry. How do I stop this?
    We believe that behaviour is a way that children communicate a need. It's our job to work together to find out what each child is trying to communicate, and how to support them to learn safe ways to regulate their emotions. However, each child is different. If you are looking for more detailed support to help you make a plan for your child, please register for our Online Emotions Workshop in the Ready Rocket Shop.
  • How is this resource Neurodiverse-Affirming?
    'Neurodiversity-Affirming' celebrates the unique ways in which we think, feel, and relate to others. In this resource, we aim to normalise the experience of a wide range of emotions for children, removing the focus on 'expected' and 'unexpected' behaviours or trying to escape from certain emotional states. 🌈🧠 Instead, we celebrate and embrace who we are, acknowledging our diverse thoughts and feelings, while providing children with the tools to: Cultivate a sense of safety and security within themselves, addressing their internal interoceptive needs before expecting them to regulate their emotions. 🌟✨ Engage in problem-solving by recognizing and interpreting their internal body cues, helping them navigate their emotions. 🔍 Identify and label their emotions, equipping them with enjoyable strategies to navigate through different emotional states. 🎭💬 Gain a deeper understanding of how their bodies respond to emotional overload and learn child-friendly ways to express and manage these experiences. 🌊💪 By embracing neurodiversity, we empower children to embrace their unique selves and thrive in a world that celebrates their individuality. 🌈🚀
  • Is the "Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket" specifically intended for neurodivergent children?
    The "Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket" is not exclusively designed for neurodivergent children. Ready Rocket Resources understands that children process emotions differently. For some children, they process emotional responses from a Top Down approach (starting with the big picture of an emotion and then breaking it down into smaller details), while for other children, they process emotional responses from a Bottom Up approach (beginning with specific details of sensory-specific feelings and gradually building up to a bigger understanding of the emotion or emotions that they are experiencing). The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket includes discussion around both forms of processing in a child-friendly manner to make the resource inclusive of different neurotypes. The overall content is accessible and beneficial for any child learning about emotional regulation and the way their body and brain individually respond to emotions, as everyone's processing and regulation skills are different! The guide aims to create child-friendly language around moving through different emotions in our day and what happens when we enter bigger emotions, inclusive of neurodiversity.
  • I would like to purchase your resources through my child's NDIS plan. Can I do this? What are the steps?
    While our resources (both "The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket" and the Online Emotions Workshop) can be used as therapy resources, we are unable to provide a definitive yes or no to this question as it is dependent on each participant's plan. We would recommend that you contact your LAC/ Planner to request if your child's funding can be used to purchase our resources ("The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket" books and/or emotional regulation online workshop for parents). If our resources have been approved by your LAC/planner for purchase, please follow these steps: 1. Purchase the resources in our Ready Rocket Shop. 2. In the comments/notes section when purchasing, please add in these details: - Participant Full Name - Participant NDIS Number - Participant Plan Start and End Dates 3. Upon purchase, you will receive an automatic invoice. However, we will follow up and send through a paid invoice with your child's above details. There may be some delay in receiving this as we will need to add this in manually. 4. You can then send this through to your planner or lodge if you are self-managed. Please reach out to us if you have any further questions about this.
  • How does The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket differ to other emotional regulation resources?
    Please see below for some points on how The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket differs from other emotional regulation programs: The story includes a circular model of the galaxy, together with the rocket analogy, helps children and adults understand that we move through emotional states quickly and much of the time, we can feel more than one emotion. There is an emphasis on the neutrality of emotions and differentiating emotions related to arousal level. This is clearly written in the story to reduce misinterpretation of these concepts for adults and children, i.e., there are no "good" and "bad" emotions and all emotions are here for a purpose. There is inclusion of the internal planet in the galaxy, which emphasises how internal needs impact our emotional regulation skills, i.e., Planet Zonk. There is the addition of The Deep Void and acknowledgment of making mistakes along the way during our emotional regulation journey. The story normalises that everyone is learning to run their rocket, opening up the dialogue that emotional regulation is not a skill that only children need to learn. It also creates an opportunity for adults supporting the child to talk about their rockets, which is great for emotional modelling. Children are given the tools to help understand how they can move around the galaxy. This includes a visual support to help ask questions to locate their position in the galaxy. Navigating the galaxy is introduced in a way that gamifies learning about emotions, with the child having their own Star Controller. The Star Controller helps children feel in control of their own emotional regulation path with their rockets. Emotional modelling is conducted through the story with age-appropriate characters helps to avoid feelings of a “power struggle” between child and adult and so we have our Ready Regulators. The pack has been developed as a neurodiverse-affirming resource. The story has been developed to support different ways in which people process emotional responses, i.e., Top down and Bottom up processing. The pack includes best practice approaches to support regulation and includes a bank of over 100 regulation strategies for the child to try because we know that each child is different. At the start of the resource, adults reading the resource are provided with detailed, easy-to-digest information about big emotions and what causes them to advocate for greater understanding of the underlying factors that impact childrens' emotional states. Part 2 includes lists of specific co-regulation activities and verbal responses to assist the caregivers in supporting their children during times of emotional overload. The pack includes space for children to note down their preferred regulation strategies, considering the environment in which each activity might be helpful (home, school, in the community and out and about). The idea that different individuals are likely to require different regulation strategies is normalised and encouraged.
  • Can The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket be used as a Behaviour Management System in schools?
    The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket is not a behaviour management system. We have developed our resources to be used as learning tools for supporting understanding of emotional awareness. Behaviour management is the process of supporting learners to make positive choices that are conducive to learning. In the past, behaviour management was viewed as a way of disciplining students so that they were more likely to conform to the standards expected of them. These days, attitudes have shifted towards a more positive and supportive way of managing behaviour. However, behaviour management tools can be misunderstood and used in a way to restrict or change healthy regulation strategies that don't conform to what might be "expected". Our resources have been developed to focus around supporting children to individualised emotional processing, individualised sensory processing and individualised interoceptive experiences to learn safe regulation strategies. The resources aim to provide discussion around what happens when children enter different emotions and corresponding arousal levels with the aim to spark child-friendly explanation around dysregulation, what happens in these heightened states and emphasis on co-regulating with a trusted person. The use of this resource as a blanket curriculum within a classroom does not highlight the individualised needs of each child and with saying that, provides unrealistic expectations on teachers that are working hard each day to support the children they truly care for in work that should be celebrated. For that reason, The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket is better suited to a 1:1 or small group ratio, where the individualised needs of each child can be the priority, e.g., at home, within therapy sessions or within smaller learning groups within a school environment. While we have our Essential Teacher Pack, these are the learning materials that can be brought into those smaller group ratios after reading through The Galaxy Guide (as therapists may advocate for concepts to be generalised across the child’s different environments). We are working towards the development of a whole class approach for The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket, however, we want to ensure this is not used as a behaviour management tool, instead focussing on the educational content, the exploration around emotions and the personalised journey of emotional regulation. Ready Rocket Resources provides training around the theory and practical skills for supporting children’s emotional regulation skills using a neurodiverse-affirming lens. We are currently in the process of finding out more about emotional regulation from many different teachers' perspectives to see if we can add value to this space. At this time, we believe we require more discussion with educators. If you are a teacher who is looking for professional development in the area of emotional regulation, we would recommend our therapist workshop from the current options available at present. We're sorry if this is not what you are looking for but hope it can add value to your school in a different way.
  • I have purchased the Online Emotions Workshop and I don't know how to log in.
    No problem! If you purchased the workshop through the 'Ready Rocket Shop', you will have been sent a download that includes login information and you will be sent a code to enter. There may be a delay in receiving the code - Thank you for your patience with this. If you purchased the workshop from the 'Online Emotions Workshop' button in the website menu, you should be already logged in to the workshop and be ready to go. Please reach out if you have any difficulties with this.
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