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Welcome to Ready Rocket Resources! 🚀

Ready Rocket Resources is the brain-child of Senior Occupational therapists Bella Martini and Tash O'Connor 👩🏻👩🏻 based in Perth, Western Australia ☀️🦘.


Bella and Tash are driven by their genuine dedication to helping children feel and understand all of their emotions in a safe way, while sharing a passion for neurodiverse-affirming practice. ⚡️

Embracing the Shift:
Ready Rocket's Growth Journey

As enthusiastic young therapists starting their therapy careers (pictured below!), Bella and Tash worked with children using diverse therapy approaches. Over time, they noticed a significant shift in the way children are supported with their emotional regulation, particularly with the growing awareness of neurodiversity.




Pictured: Bella and Tash in an Old Team Therapy Photo

Motivated by a desire to bridge the divide between existing emotional regulation resources and the evolving research on interoception and neurodiverse-affirming practices, Bella and Tash decided to collect information from families, teachers and therapists.

Their research revealed:

🔎 A unintentional focus on avoiding intense emotions resulting in kids "fearing" entry into bigger emotions.

🔎 The importance of acknowledging the impact of our internal sensory system on emotions and emotional expression.

🔎 The urgent need for a home resource for families, featuring science-backed and ready-to-implement strategies.

🔎 A requirement for a neurodiverse-affirming resource that celebrates individuality while teaching effective regulation strategies.

The Birth of Ready Rocket Resources:
Where It All Began

In 2020, facing the challenges of the pandemic, the limitations of face-to-face therapy sessions, the rural and remote barriers to therapy supports and the growing waitlists for therapists, Bella and Tash were compelled to take action; so Ready Rocket Resources was born.


Our mission 🎯 at Ready Rocket Resources is to celebrate the diverse ways in which children think 💭, feel ❤️, and connect 🤝 with others. We want all kids 👧🏻👦🏽 to feel safe and secure within themselves by fostering an understanding 🧠 of their own needs and emotions. 🚀🌈

Ready Rocket Today & Into the Future

Today, Ready Rocket is rapidly expanding. 🚀📚 Our first two-part emotions pack, "The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket," is now available, and we're thrilled to announce the introduction of our Online Emotions Workshop for Parents, Teachers, and Therapists. We are also working with a local Perth Therapy Practice who are hosting our engaging face-to-face Ready Rocket Kids Workshop and we are on the lookout for more clinics to join our mission.

Our Resources:

🌟 Accessible: Our resources are designed to be easily accessible for parents, therapists, and teachers.

💰 Affordable: We believe in making quality therapy support accessible to everyone.

🌈 Imaginative: Our resources are imaginative and engaging, capturing the attention of children while they learn.

🤩 Tested by our favourite little people: Our Ready Rocket books have been carefully developed and thoroughly tested by children to ensure they are not only effective but also fun!

Ready Rocket Resources is committed to producing high quality resources that are neurodiverse-affirming. Ready Rocket Resources regularly meets with neurodivergent therapists (psychologists and occupational therapists) to ensure our resources are affirming and reflecting best practice. 

Unlock your child's emotional potential with Ready Rocket Resources! 🚀✨


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