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Launching your child's emotional potential

Grounded in science
& ready to go!

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Our Emotions pack
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Guide your child to be the master of their emotions

Empowering families, teachers, and therapists
to guide little ones in learning safe strategies for managing big emotions.

Inside The Galaxy Guide
to Running My Rocket

The Ultimate Toolkit for Boosting Your Child's Emotional Regulation Skills:
The Complete Pack


Embark on an exciting journey of emotional discovery with Book One!

Empower your child to rate helpful strategies at the end of this book.

Explore 100+ dynamic emotional regulation activities for your child to experience in Book Two!

Discover engaging interoceptive activitiesco-regulation activities, cognitive reframing activitiesbreathing strategies, whole-body activities, and activities to deepen their understanding of emotions.

Neli M, Paediatric Occupational Therapist

"I have recently started using Ready Rocket Resources as part of my tool kit for working on emotions with the kids I see. I personally love the wording of it and the names of the planets – they are so much fun! My favourite planet in the book is Planet Zonk because you can’t really regulate or cope with your emotions when your basic self care needs haven’t been met, like if you’re hungry or needing to go to the toilet. They are foundational needs for us to then be able to express our emotions. I would recommend this pack for parents or therapists."

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