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All About Emotions: Therapist Online Emotions Workshop

All About Emotions: Therapist Online Emotions Workshop

📚🎓🧠 This self-paced 4.5 hour online workshop comprises digestible modules covering various aspects of emotional regulation, including:

👶👧 1. The development of emotions in children and the neuroscience of emotional regulation

🤔 2. Considerations for Emotional Regulation

This workshop provides detailed walkthroughs of: Temperament, Attachment, Adversity, Consideration of the Natural Stress Response, Dysregulation, Arousal Levels, Neurodiversity, Emotional Expression, Underlying Sensory and Interoceptive Needs, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Shame Spiralling, Growth Mindset & Resilience

🌈📚 3. Introduction to a neurodiverse-affirming resource to link all emotions concepts and ensure children are set up for success at home, at school, or in therapy sessions.

What can I expect?
🎓📚 This self-paced 4.5-hour online training aims to provide a comprehensive overview of emotional regulation in the context of paediatric therapy, with additional optional reading and supplementary case studies.

Please see modules below for a breakdown of this workshop. Recordings are bite-sized videos in a presentation slide format with a small circular video of the presenters as information is discussed. A transcript is provided below each video. Unfortunately, subtitles are not available. 

Who is this suitable for?
This workshop is suitable for clinicians who are looking for up-to-date information in the area of emotional regulation for a paediatric caseload. Each clinician is different with different background experiences and for this reason, it is difficult to provide a specific answer, i.e., new graduates versus seasoned therapists. We believe that this is an affordable professional development option for therapists looking to dive into emotional regulation with a holistic and neurodiverse-affirming lens.

The Online Emotions Workshop was developed by a team of Senior Paediatric Occupational Therapists from Perth, Western Australia. However, this Workshop also includes insights from key experts in each of the topics to create a comprehensive Emotions Workshop for therapists.

Upon purchase, you'll receive a digital download with information to log into the workshop.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to strong demand at present, there may be a slight delay in receiving this email. Your ticket will be delivered and we appreciate your patience⏳📧 

Step into supporting your clients with confidence - Enrol now! 🌟🚀

PLEASE NOTE: This Online Emotions Workshop does not include "The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket" - Paperback Pack (2 books). This would be a separate purchase.

Steps include:
Step 1: Welcome & Meet the Team
Step 2: The Journey to Here
Step 3: What Will be Covered
Step 4: What Does Emotional Regulation Mean to You
Step 5: Emotions & Emotional Regulation
Step 6: What is Emotional Regulation
Step 7: Introduction to The Galaxy Guide
Step 8: Neurology
Step 9: The Development of Emotional Regulation
Step 10: What Makes a Helpful Regulation Strategy
Step 11: Temperament
Step 12: Attachment
Step 13: Adversity & Trauma
Step 14: Consideration of Natural Stress Response
Step 15: Co-regulation
Step 16: Neurodiversity (including The Double Empathy Problem, Monotropism, Alexithymia)
Step 17: Top Down & Bottom Up Processing of Emotions
Step 18: Advocacy of Different Sensory Needs
Step 19: Sensory Overload After School
Step 20: Interoception
Step 21: Supporting Emotional Expression
Step 22: Deeper Dive into Arousal Levels and Exploring the Different Planets
Step 23: Current Skill Development & Prompting Hierarchy
Step 24: Consideration of Whole Child
Step26: Growth Mindset
Step 27: Bringing Emotional Regulation into Everyday Life
Step 28: The Galaxy Guide in Clinical Practice: Escalation Curve
Step 29: Reframing Behaviour Toolkit
Step 30: Equity vs Equality
Step 31: Advocacy at School
Step 32: Neurodiverse-Affirming Emotional Regulation Goals
Step 33: Time to Make a Plan

There are also specific concepts from The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket discussed in detail, including:

- Meeting the Ready Regulators
- Welcome to the Galaxy: Changing Arousal Levels
- Introducing the Star Controller: A Visual Support
- The Galactic Goggles: Recognising our Emotions
- Taking a Planet Pause: What Happens When We Experience Extreme Emotions?
- The Charging Challenges: The Strategies
- My Charging Station: The Path to Self-Regulation
- The Deep Void​


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All About Emotions: Therapist Online Emotions Workshop

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