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All About Emotions: Parent Online Emotions Workshop

About the Workshop

Are you a parent wanting more information on supporting your child with their emotional regulation? Would you like to learn more about what is happening inside your child's brain, as well as some new strategies to try when they are losing it? Have you bought your Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket resource and are now looking for some extra help in using this with your child? This workshop includes short, digestible modules covering various aspects of emotional regulation, including: 1. The development of emotions in children and what happens in their brain. 2. A detailed introduction to The Galaxy Guide to Running My Rocket, and top tips on using this with your child. 3. Support to tune into your child, their behaviours and other important factors that need consideration. 4. Support to reframe your child's behaviour, including tips on supporting your child in the moment, as well as building their skills during a readiness state. 5. Easy-to-use and real-world strategies to help your child manage their emotions. This self-paced four-hour online workshop aims to provide you with additional information to support your child, together with many examples to help you put new learnt strategies into real life scenarios.



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