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All About Emotions: Therapist Online Emotions Workshop

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About the Workshop

Are you a therapist looking to enhance your skills in the area of emotional regulation for your paediatric practice? Or perhaps you're interested in supporting your neurodivergent clients and learning more about neurodiverse-affirming practice in the area of emotional regulation? This workshop comprises digestible modules covering various aspects of emotional regulation, including: 1. The development of emotions in children and the neuroscience of emotional regulation 2. Considerations for Emotional Regulation This workshop provides detailed walkthroughs of: Temperament, Attachment, Adversity, Consideration of the Natural Stress Response, Dysregulation, Arousal Levels, Neurodiversity, Emotional Expression, Underlying Sensory and Interoceptive Needs, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Shame Spiralling, Growth Mindset & Resilience 3. Easy-to-use and real-world strategies to help children manage their emotions 4. Introduction to a neurodiverse-affirming resource to link all emotions concepts and ensure children are set up for success at home, at school, or in therapy sessions. This self-paced four-hour online training aims to provide a comprehensive overview of emotional regulation in the context of paediatric therapy, with additional optional reading and supplementary case studies. The Online Emotions Workshop was developed by a team of Senior Paediatric Occupational Therapists from Perth, Western Australia. However, this Workshop also includes insights from key experts in each of the topics to create a comprehensive Emotions Workshop for therapists.



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