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Helping Your Child With Explosive Emotions

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About the Workshop

Are you a parent of a child who has difficulty with their emotions? Are you looking for real-life strategies that you can use to help your child manage their big emotions? Are you struggling to find a therapist because of long waitlists? Are you a teacher or education assistant looking for strategies to support children to safely regulate their emotions? Are you a therapist who is looking for upskilling in the area of emotional regulation for your paediatric practice? Or Are you a parent of a child who has lots of energy? Are you looking for strategies to help calm your child to help their concentration and focus?This workshop includes digestible modules all about emotional regulation, including: 1. The development of emotions in children 2. Current research around emotional regulation 3. Easy-to-use and real-world strategies to help your child manage their emotions 4. Introduction to a resource to help link all emotions concepts to ensure your child is set up for success at home, at school or in their therapy sessions. This two-hour training and emotions pack was developed by a team of Senior Paediatric Occupational Therapists from Perth, Western Australia. They understand there are long waitlists and have created a course to help you feel in control while you help your child with their emotions.



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